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What kinds of promotional bonuses will an online casino offer?

Online casinos like gclub will always be looking for new players to join the site. Hence, they will offer a range of bonuses as follows.

Joining bonus

Let us assume that you are searching for an online casino and end up with a list of adverts online. Almost all these ads of online casinos would have a phrase mentioning the welcome bonus you could claim by joining the site. A welcome or joining bonus is a cash reward given to all the new players who are all registering with the website for the first time. There will be a percentage of the deposit amount set as the joining bonus. For instance, if the welcome bonus percentage is 50% and the deposit requirement is $100, you will get a bonus of $50 by depositing exactly $100.

Cashback bonus

Let us assume that nothing has gone in your way for the past few games. So, you will be depressed after losing so much money. If they let you be in this state for a long time, you may opt-out of gambling itself. To retain you and also to help you bounce back, the casino will provide you a cashback. Cashback is nothing but a part of the money you have lost that comes back to you. However, not all casino companies would offer this type of bonus.

Regular bonuses

You can also find some bonuses that are offered for no particular reasons like depositing a particular amount or winning a game. Instead, the casinos will motivate the players by providing frequent bonuses due to minor reasons. These minor reasons could be a weekend or a festival season. If you have a birthday, you may get a special bonus. Likewise, these regular bonuses will vary according to the casino you are in.

Referral bonus

You can earn money from these casino websites by simply referring someone you know. For example, let us assume that you have a friend who is interested in playing gambling games but still looking for a casino website. If you tell him about the benefits of your casino and make him deposit here, you can claim the referral bonus from the casino management. However, you will get this bonus only after your friend’s deposit. You can add anyone like this. The greater you bring in, the more will be the bonuses.

High deposit bonus

If you are depositing $1000 every time while all other players are depositing only less than $100 occasionally, you will stand out from these people. The casinos would treat you with additional care and will reward you with bonuses termed as high deposit bonuses. If you do the same for a long time, you will become a VIP.

No deposit bonuses

As depositing a huge amount of money in the risky gambling business is a primary factor of concern for many players, online casinos have come up allowing people to play few games even without deposits.

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