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What are the similarities and differences between online slots/VLT’s?

Online casinos have really taken off in recent times as people around the world start to discover what they offer. Next to the sheer convenience of online casino play and the cool bonuses most sites deliver, the range of games is also a real plus. With most internet casinos carrying a wide selection, you will never get bored!

This is true of Resorts Casino, who are one of the best NJ online casinos operating right now. They are not only safe to play at and offer superb customer support but also have lots of exciting games to try out. This has seen online casinos really challenge their land-based competitors in the modern world. Wherever you prefer to play, online slots and VLT’s are two types of game you might have heard mentioned – but what similarities and differences do they have?

What are VLT’s and online slot machines?

Online slots need little explanation as they are virtual recreations of land-based slot games which every internet casino now carries. VLT stands for Video Lottery Terminal and this gives a good idea of what they are about. These are video terminals which allow players to have fun with games such as bingo, lotto and scratch cards. Due to their design, it is fair to say that online slots are more common at internet casinos than VLT games. While you can find some VLT games online, many arestill physical terminals in land-based casinos.

How are both similar?

It is true to say that online slots and VLT’s do have some things in common though. Both are casino games that involve gambling and enable you to potentially win money – hopefully a lot! As casino games, they are also both games of chance. Both types of game are also fun to play and offer lots of excitement. The graphics and soundtracks can also be similar in both types of games. This is because developers in any sort of online casino title focus on making them look and sound amazing.

How do these casino games differ?

While they do share some similarities, there is no doubt that both types of casino game differ in some ways. Online slots are played alone, and you spin the reels in isolation. VLT’s, on the other hand,have multiple players competing against each other for the same prize, at the same time and in the same game. The RTP rate which each game comes with on average also differs. Online slots usually have RTP figures of 95% or higher while most VLT terminal RTPs’ sit in the high 80% range.

VLT’s and online slots

While both these types of casino game have their differences, they both remain popular. Online slots, for example, have helped drive the growth of the online gambling sector, while VLT terminals are still a draw mainly in land-based sites.With both offering lots of thrills that is no surprise.

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