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Choosing the online casino game that’s right for you

One of the best things about playing casino games online is the sheer variety available. Whatever you’re into, from slots to poker, there are many sites that cater to your exact requirements. But if you’re new to casino gaming the choice can be overwhelming. How do you choose the best casino game for you?

Skill or chance?

To avoid spending money on a game you don’t enjoy, the first thing you should do is ask yourself a few questions. Work out exactly what kind of game you’re looking for. Most casino games can be divided into games of skill and games of luck, though some are a mixture of the two.

Do you enjoy learning rules and trying out strategies? If so, online poker might be the game for you, although something like roulette has a gentler learning curve. If you prefer to leave the outcome to chance while you relax and have fun, then try online slots or bingo.

Which website?

Most casino sites offer a wide range of games, but not all sites are the same. One thing to consider is whether a site is optimized for the device you’llbe using to access it, e.g., desktop PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Most people these days go online using a smartphone, so you’ll want to use a casino site that’s optimized for mobile gaming.

You can use a mobile casino service to find mobile-optimized sites and read reviews to see if they’re right for you. Look out for things like withdrawal limits and payment options as well, so you know that you can place bets easily and claim your money if you win. Casino sites compete to attract players by offering generous welcome bonuses, so shop around for the best deal there as well!

Time and money

Is your main motivation in playing casino games to have fun or do you want to make money by winning? If it’s the latter you should look elsewhere, as although casino gaming is highly enjoyable and big payouts do happen, in most cases the house always wins. That said, look for the games with the lowest house edge, the best odds or the best return rate if you want the best chance of winning.

How much time do you want to commit? Do you want a quick exciting game, like slots, that you can fit into a break from work, or are you looking for longer sessions where you can make your money last over a few hours? You should also consider your budget and check the minimum bet for any games.

Games to consider

Slots are many people’s first choice as there’s no skill or experience required. As they’re a one-player game you’re under no pressure, and special features and bonus rounds add up to a fast-paced, entertaining game.

Poker is a complex game of strategy and bluff, but video poker is great for beginners as it’s almost entirely automated. Roulette is fun and easy: you can bet on red or black for a 50/50 chance of winning or bet on individual numbers for higher odds. More complex bets let you play at the level that suits you.

Most people are familiar with bingo, which combines the chance-based fun of slots with a sense of cumulative gains as you cross off your numbers. Blackjack has the lowest house edge and is another familiar game that’s easy to learn, but also requires a degree of strategy.

Other options are available, so the best thing to do is try a game with a free or demo account and see how you get on.

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