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Leaderboard score or rating? Take your pick with StarPick and GetMega

It is the online games that have transformed the course of conventional games by involving different tools and technology. To accommodate a wide range of such games, gaming websites and applications have been developed. Since the internet is flooded with tons of good online gaming platforms like StarPick and GetMega, it is difficult for users to choose the best one from them. Gaming enthusiasts generally look into the features of such apps and websites and make an informed decision. One of the features that attract gamers is the leaderboard of the gaming platforms. 

A leaderboard is a scoreboard that shows the rank names of the gamers along with their current scores. Some people prefer to track their performance based on scores, while others prefer to see the ranks on the leaderboard to know their competition and determine the next game. Both leaderboard scores and ratings add a competitive value to the players. However, the ratings on the leaderboard makes it easier for users to figure out their actual position in the game compared to the scoring system. Though the purpose of leaderboards is the same for every game, they often vary from one gaming platform to another. Let’s take the example of StarPick and GetMega. Here we are also going to analyse other features of the two applications. 


StarPick is a fantasy sports app that only provides fantasy cricket games. Players who are above the age of 18 years are allowed to play games on this gaming platform. On StarPick, gamers can see the results of their choice in the form of ratings. With an increasing number of achievements, the leaderboard features all the names. You must be careful while playing games on this app so that your name rises on the leaderboard. With StarPick the cricket fans can demonstrate their sports expertise. The leaderboard also features exciting prizes, which you get by playing the tournaments on this app. Furthermore, with the StarPick leaderboard, you can keep a track of your scores and your wallet amount in real-time. 

To play games on StarPick, the real players must create teams of 11 members. When the match begins in real time, the selected team also starts scoring based on their actual performance. This gaming app features a smooth UI along with a skill-based sector. Boasting traditional fantasy games and hybrid fantasy games, StarPick is a user-friendly application. Just like in actual cricket games, StarPick also allows users to select a Captain and Vice Captain. On this app the players are given a credit value. 


GetMega is one of the best online gaming platforms that allow real players to play games including Poker, Rummy, GoPools, Carrom, Warship and 123. Users who possess 100% verified accounts are allowed to play games on this platform. One of the best features of GetMega is its leaderboard. The 24×7 leaderboards for the three categories of games (Casual, Cards and Trivia) are both task and winning based. That means a player can top the leaderboard by either playing or winning. The leaderboards of GetMega are hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. People who secure the top 10 ranks on the leaderboards can win exciting prizes. Also, gamers can win attractive gadgets like mobile phones and gold coins from the leaderboards. 

Packed with both horizontal and vertical gameplay, GetMega flaunts optically displayed game elements. The clean and user-friendly user interface of this app makes it easy for gamers to interact with the games and earn. Adapted for maximum entertainment, developers have used vibrant colours to make the key elements easy to identify and use. More than 8 games on this gaming platform support audio/video features that make it easy for the players to interact with one another. Further, Getmega allows only real players whose IDs are verified from their Facebook profiles

Leaderboard scores or ratings boost the spirit of online games. There is no fun in playing games if you don’t keep a scoreboard. Online gaming platforms have put leaderboards and provided other additional features to them. So, if you also want to track your gaming performance and win prizes, check out the leaderboards of StarPick and Getmega.

Are you tired of playing with a distracting user interface that does nothing but ruin your concentration to win the game? StarPick is the perfect solution to your problem. Not only is the UI great but also lag-free and super smooth. You can just login with your Facebook account here and play games to earn real money! Isn’t it great? So, what are you waiting for? Download and join StarPick now!

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