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How do I alternate my electronic mail cope with?

Log in for your Scratch account, and then go to our Email Settings web page with which you could alternate your electronic mail cope.

How do I transition from ‘New Scratcher’ to ‘Scratcher’?

When you create an account, you’ll be labeled as a “New Scratcher” for win real scratch-off games  to make the transition to “Scratcher”, you must make percentage tasks, remark helpfully on different Scratchers’ tasks, and be patient! After you’ve met the necessities, a hyperlink will seem on your profile web page inviting you to turn out to be a Scratcher, and you’ll have a few extra skills at the Scratch internet site. (Note that we do not sell New Scratchers to Scratcher on request)

Can I have a couple of accounts?

It’s satisfactory to have some money owed at the Scratch internet site, so long as none of them are used to interrupt the Community Guidelines. In that case, all associated money owed can be blocked or deleted.

Is it OK to have a couple of individuals logged into an account?

This isn’t allowed due to the fact the internet site and challenge editor can without difficulty get burdened while a couple of individuals are logged in to the identical account. When an account does something that violates real scratch-off games the Community Guidelines, all associated money owed can be blocked or deleted. If your percentage is an account with a person who does something awful with it, this indicates your money owed may be blocked for what the opposite individual did.

Can I alternate my username?

The shape of the Scratch internet site relies upon having a regular account name, so it’s now no longer viable to alternate your username. If you need to interchange to a brand new username, you could make a brand new account; however, you will should replica your tasks over to the brand new account in your personal.

What facts can I percentage on / with my account?

Please don’t percentage private touch facts, including your bodily cope with, electronic mail, telecellsmartphone number, or something else that may be used to make touch outdoor of the Scratch internet site. Please record tasks, feedback, or discussion board posts that comprise this sort of facts, so the Scratch Team can do away with the facts, and remind the writer of our coverage towards real scratch-off games sharing private touch facts.

How do I delete my account?

You can also login to scratch, after which click on your username withinside the pinnacle right-hand nook. Select “Account Settings”, and then click on the “I need to delete my account” hyperlink at the lowest of the web page. But you must simplest try this in case you are honestly positive that you need to delete your account.